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The OGM20 analyser primarily outputs, real-time oil concentration in water with the use of revolutionary optical detection. The analyzer performs self-diagnostics and auto calibration. These outputs are displayed numerically in the digital display integrated in the analyzer. The analyzer performs self-diagnostics and auto calibration.Recommended calibration range is 0-50 ppm.

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Item Parameter
Interface RS-485, Modbus protocol
Range 0.3-20ppm or 0.3-50ppm QSU
Resolution 0.01ppm
Temperature Range 0 ~ 50°c
IP Rating IP68
Accuracy 0.3ppm Or 3% FS QSU
Min. Detection Limit 0.09ppm
Linearity R2 > 0.90
Power DC 5V-12V 5%
Body Materials 316L and POM
Diameter Φ22x170.5mm